F3 players info without 3 characters mark

Full Name shared this bug 4 months ago
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Before revolution type of updates (XBOX), but after full relase of the game (for PC), in MP game -> F3 (list of players) -> was a list of players with 3 character faction abbreviations. This it helped identify the players in the factions. In game, when we see antena, or when we Cut his(other player) grid, we see this 3 character marks. And then we know faction of other grids. After that, when we look into F3 List of players, then we see if player of that faction is connected or not. Now after update, we see only full names of factions, but this names is different than 3 char marks, and in list of all factions is imposible to find it. This of all factions in game do not have search function, and there are very many of them. Just return 3 character mark of faction in to list of players (F3) like after FULL RELASE this game.

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Hello, Full Name,

thanks for letting us know about this issue. It has been successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

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