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Extendable air tight docking ports

Michael Herbert Wineberger shared this feedback 16 months ago

I know so many factions have tried putting docking ports on their ships, and of various shapes. My idea however is to unite all them into one better than normal Docking port. This docking port would have a material that looks A lot like the stuff on the wheels that’s black, and these would act a lot like joints to extend out and allow the head of the docking port to connect ships, in a airtight fashion without having to worry about other ships being able to dock to yours due to the fact that it expands like a piston up to 10 blocks long and it’s normally 3 x 3 x 3 blocks tall, wide, and long. It would allow you to transfer materials between other docking ports and even connectors. However when used in tandem with other docking ports it will allow you to simply walk right through it to another ship. It would also not rename your ship every time every time you dock with a new station or another ship. Overall I think it would be a nice way to allow passengers to leave a ship when it is connected to one of them on a planet and it would be a good way to transfer resources between supply ships and combat ships or other supply ships during battles. Please consider it!

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This is a good idea, but is not exactly right. There is already a standard 3x3 docking connector that allows crossing, merging, and connection with cargo transfer:

Connector Merge block Connector

Merge block Door Merge block

Connector Merge block Connector

(Hopefully this shows well)

The important idea here is the extendable airtight block. Combined with sliding airtight blocks it would be revolutionary for station design, allowing for large airtight bays and angled bays.


All those features would be great, but I would be happy with a simple connector, that works like the existing connectors, but has an interior player sized hatch. This would allow a docking connection that a player could pass through. A small block and large block variant would be needed.

There are mods that do this, but the quality does not compare with in game assets.

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