[1.187.089]experimental mode in Map causes CPU Leak

Lord_Anubis shared this bug 4 years ago

Hello dear Keen Developers,

I Have a Problem that I could not turn off the Experiental modes for the map. Is it on in the Sandbox.sbc it causes heavy CPU leak in Thread and Simulation CPU by more than 500 %. This cannot be, cause I turned experimental Mode off.

The only thing is to set the Experimental Mode to False is to manually open Sandbox.sbc and type in "false" at Experimental Mode in the file.

Besides it is a Map before the Update. In 1.187.088 we could play hours plus streaming with 4 Engineers on my Rig. No it seems SE saves the Experimental Mode in Value True, but in Game Options its of. How can I fix it?

I think this is not intended to be and I hope you will fix it.

Thank you

your sincerely


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Related log entry: Lines 343-348

2018-07-27 14:43:56.016 - Thread: 1 -> RunLoadingAction - START

2018-07-27 14:43:56.021 - Thread: 1 -> Loading session: C:\Users\Anubis\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves\76561198116875156\Lord_Anubis Moon Survival Backup

2018-07-27 14:43:57.338 - Thread: 1 -> GC Memory: 878,821,856 B

2018-07-27 14:43:57.367 - Thread: 1 -> Process Memory: 1,597,071,360 B

2018-07-27 14:43:57.372 - Thread: 1 -> Experimental mode: Yes

2018-07-27 14:43:57.372 - Thread: 1 -> Experimental mode reason: ExperimentalMode, SpawnShipTimeMultiplier, ViewDistance, BlockLimitsEnabled, RespawnShipDelete, EnableSpectator, DestructibleBlocks, EnableIngameScripts, EnableToolShake, EnableOxygenPressurization, StationVoxelSupport, StartInRespawnScreen, EnableWolfs, EnableSpiders, EnableVoxelHand, Mods


Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

Please keep voting for the issue as it will help us to identify the most serious bugs.

We really appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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