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EU2 server, multiple problems

omer michaely shared this bug 15 months ago

1 - Can't progress, No matter what I do, i cannot progress to further items.

2 - can't exit faction, i have pressed the leave button, yet i cannot leave. the weird thing is that on the faction page it doesn't say i'm part of the faction yet i still have the option to leave and deposit, and i can't join any other faction. the "players" page still lists me as part of the faction.

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If you have faction or progress issue after the hotfix 1.196.012, you have to disband the faction and make it again.

That will fix both issues.

Sorry for that


I play on this server for a couple days now, its glitchy ass hell.

People falling inside planets, constant heavy ruber banding, i keep loosing stuff that is on my person when i log off and back in. Lost tools, hydrogen and oxygen tanks, weapon and ammo, all vanished while i was offline.

To me it had the lowest ping out of all servers, 30 or so. Thats why i played there.

Generaly an extremly bad experience alltogether, as is this game itself. For so many years of development there should be much more to show for.

But on the bright side, i did weld a drill on a hinge, than on a rotor and on a piston and clang didnt destroy it and i drilled a hole to park my car in. Atleast that was a positive experience.

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