Error: No IP assigned

Viktor Ferenczi shared this bug 21 months ago

Dedicated server fails to start with error: (full log attached)

17:03:25.5769 [DEBUG] Keen: Bind IP :
17:03:37.7202 [INFO] Keen: Error: No IP assigned.
Relevant settings in SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg:
Tracked it back to the following code fragment inside MyDedicatedServerBase.Initialize method:
UInt32 ip = 0;
UInt64 id = 0;

int timeout = 100;
while (ip == 0 && timeout > 0)


    ip = SteamSDK.SteamServerAPI.Instance.GameServer.GetPublicIP();
    id = SteamSDK.SteamServerAPI.Instance.GameServer.GetSteamID();

MySandboxGame.Services.SteamService.UserId = id;

if (ip == 0)
    MyLog.Default.WriteLineAndConsole("Error: No IP assigned.");
The above is from the latest public source on GitHub, your current code may differ. 

Why does the dedicated server attempt to figure the public IP address of the host if it has already been configured in SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg? (See the <IP> element above.)

The server fails to start every time Steam has difficulties dealing with the traffic, which is quite frequent these days.

The server is hosted at Hetzner (Germany) in a data center, it was not a network issue. It is a bare metal server, no hypervisor or concurrent load involved.

The system we built ( ) starts multiple servers based on player needs and restart empty lobbies every 1-2 hours, which makes it more sensitive for such issues. It means that I can detect problems happening to other servers less frequently.

The problem happened 5 times already in the last few days.

Files: ds.log

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