Economy stations wont sell anything once mods are active

Timothy Driver shared this bug 3 years ago

I've started a New game in Single Player Three Times, The Economy system works fine for the first minute, but once i load any of the mods from the workshop, the economy system brakes and i cant buy or sell goods! Why?

I love this game, i have over 1400 hrs logged, the new update is amazing! but this BUG is REALLY ANNOYING!

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I've spent hours trying to get them to work and I've only managed to get the stations to sell something once by importing a sandbox.cfg file from a new save but it totally screws everything else up. My player position, progression and GPS coordinates are lost and duplicate stations are spawned sometimes even on top of each other. Apparently, the economy update and any mod that adds new blueprints or components messes up the NPC Trading. :(

I hope something can be done about how the items are populated and calculated so that it doesn't interfere with mods and from there the mod authors can tweak for compatibility.


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