Easy way to add more meaningful progression

Ryan Rands shared this feedback 12 months ago

Moving some ores off planets gives you a reason to explore a little bit. The goal of this suggestion is to encourage even more exploration of the star system.

Introducing tiered blocks into the vanilla game, using blueprints, or some other unlock mechanism other than simply building another block, gives you a reason to visit other planets/moons. These could simply be tiered modules, drills, weapons, or tiered versions of every block.

By placing tier 1 on Europa (the most difficult place to start), most players will have to start in space or on another planet and make their way from their starting location to space and land on Europa to unlock tier 1. Tier 2 could be placed on the alien planet, and each tier is required before the next can be unlocked. By using 3, 4 or more tiers, each adding a small boost, players now have a reason to visit multiple planets.

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It just occurred to me that there are some assets that could be used for this. Learning to Survive, Lost Colony and Frostbite have a lot of buildings, some story and required progression. There are also assets in other Scenarios that could be used, such as the Pertam Orbiter and even the Pirate base in Alien Planet (and Earth Planet, etc).

By combining some of the existing assets into a single map, there would be a lot more for the player to explore and unlock.


Imagine if there were different ores in different parts of each planet, as well. A reason to travel around!

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