Duplicate Control Panel groups sharing blocks...

Harold McBroom shared this bug 2 years ago

Ship #2 is connected to Ship #1 via a locked connector. Both ships have a group called "grGyro". When I select "grGyro" from the Control Panel, all gyro's from both ships are included, despite they are two different groups, only sharing the same name.

I've named cargo containers the same names as those found in other ships, that when connected do not have any known issues, but doesn't seem to work with groups.

Also, another bug I've noticed, may be new, not sure, but when I'm docked with a station inside the "safe zone" of that station, regardless of whether or not my connector is locked (green), or "yellow" status, my ship slowly rotates, even though my gyro's are operational.

I looked at the speed indicator as this was happening, and it kept fluctuating between 0.00 and 0.01 m/s.

I noticed this several times in single player custom scenario with "Economy" enabled, that when I dock with said station, go inside do some trading, come back out, and I noticed my ship has rotated to the left. When I remote control the ship, and align it back to where I want it, using "Q" and "E", it eventually just does what it wants to do, and realigns itself. There is a nearby moon, but the station doesn't appear to be within the planets gravity well, and I even tested it by disabling my gravity generator, still ignored my gyro's, and slowly rotated.

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