DS: Mass doesn't update when welding or using ejectors - also impacts physics

Chris S shared this bug 3 years ago

Version: 1.189.041 - survival.

When a ship should be getting lighter - like when welders are consuming components or ejectors are spitting out stone, the ship mass stops updating. It's not just the GUI - physics seems to be impacted as well. Your power usage, handling etc will still act as if the ship is fully loaded. Only exiting and re-entering the ship causes the mass to be correctly calculated and this only happens each time you exit and re-enter the ship.

To re-create:

1) Create a welding ship. Fly it around a bit and note power usage when hovering and handling. I've attached an example simple ship that works with the new default survival settings.

2) Load the ship with components - I'd suggest steel plate as it's easiest to spot the issue when the mass changes significantly. Fly the ship around and note power usage when hovering and handling.

3) Note the weight reported in the GUI (bottom left). Weld a load of large armour blocks. As the plate gets used, the ship should get lighter and start handling better. It should also use less power when hovering. This does not happen.

4) Exit and re-enter the ship - note the new correct mass and power use.

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I experience a similar thing, I have a atmospheric mining ship with sorter and ejector to remove un-wanted stone, When I mine with the sorter/ejector turned off the reported mass of the ship updates normally, when I turn on the sorter/ejector the mass of the ship is not updated as I mine, sometimes it just gets stuck at the last reported mass, other times it reports the mass of the ship as 0.


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