DS Crash / Empty World with one 6K block ship

demo shared this bug 2 years ago

Fired up a dedicated server on an i7 7700k. The world is empty with no mods. Crashed a 6k ship into the planet. The ship had heavy armor. When the ship crashed the sim went to .05 for over 20 minutes before finally crashing the server. The ship never really broke apart, just sort of was being smashed into the planet.

There needs to be some sort of override or something to catch this condition? If the sim is tanked due to one grid for 30 seconds, why not just delete the grid to save the DS from crashing?

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I repeated this probably a dozen times. However in some cases the grid with eventually go through the planet therefore bringin the sim speed back up to a 1.0. Some cases it would bounce and some cases it would freeze things for an extended length of time (20 minutes) and eventually break free.


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