drilling rocks and reloading the world makes them appear as a full rock again

Roni dude shared this bug 2 years ago

whenever i drill or try to remove a rock when i reload the world the rock reappears full again, plz fix this annoying bug :) !

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Same Problem here. I working on my Monorail Track and drilling a Tunnel, this happened. I don`t know how this could be


Here a Video to demonstrate what is happen. I tried a Hand Drill with both modes and a Vehicle Drill in Both Modes.

Now my turn with a Voxelhand.


I have a fun little video of this.. Tried both right and left click and automating.. It just keeps popping up.... Same issue on planets..

Drilling is no longer safe.. Sometimes they pop up behind you, and you are unable to back out. Or if u are really unlucky it spawns inside the ship. Making the whole thing explode.

Youtube Vid.