Distant space becomes highly inaccurate.

Vas Vadum shared this bug 3 years ago

For testing, you can use my map; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1482743885

If you wish to reduce the size from 1GB to only the size of one mod (Ceres), simple remove all the mods but Ceres. (Untested)

You can also just fly out 1 ls and place a planet then try things that way. (Though I've not tested this either)


What I noticed after creating my scenario where I am 187,426km from 0,0,0.. Things become inaccurate with floating objects and air vents.

When I spawn an object with Shift F10's menu, it gets placed in strange positins no where near me, sometimes invisible till placed too.

When I weld an object with full storage, the objects that normally drop from the block, are placed somewhere within 5 meters or so of the object.

When I drop an object from inventory, it actually gets placed in front of me accurately. Which is strange considering the above two things.

When I try to mine ore, nothing comes out, and if it does, its coming out under the planet surface so that it can't be gotten to, no matter what direction I try to mine in.

And lastly, when my air vents were placed in my new base, random cells inside my base were depressurized. And by Cell, I mean a 2.5³ spot.


I could upload my recent save but it has a tons more mods in it, so if a developer wants the save, let me know and I'll share. I know that the mods aren't the cause of this inaccuracy however. I've gotten told that distant space starts having all sorts of issues, and I hadn't yet seen a bug report on this here on the new support site so I figured I'd make one.

I'm unaware of any further issues, I will continue to test and update the ticket as I find things.

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Sorry that the workshop item no longer exists, I must have deleted it and forgot I had this report here. Simply fly about 1ly away and do stuff, likely on planets even with very low grav like a moon. You'll see some interesting inaccuracies.


Tested. The only issue I could replicate was the issue with ore spawning some distance away from the drill site when using the hand drill.


It's the same for being 30,000km away from 0/0/0 when having a small projector. Seems like there is some displacement issues from the center of the universe which are based on 2^n values, the further away, the more inaccurate it'll become, A friend of mine actually calculated how many units it'd be displaced.