DirectX Crash On Game Start

Brent Kerman shared this bug 3 years ago

Every time I load the game it crashes, with this same error. I have the latest windows version. (Including latest feature update). dxdiag shows I have DX12. I've reinstalled the game, checked every graphics and sound related drivers on the machine, issue persists even if I roll back to previous Space Engineers versions.


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I had the exact same issue just now - Checking the 'Override the scaling mode set by games and programs' box in the Nvidia Control Panel under 'Scaling' in the 'Adjust desktop size and position' tab of the 'Display' category seems to have resolved it for me.


Hello ,

I installed just now and have this issue. Is there a fix? I have tried the "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs" suggestion but that did not solve it.


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