Different color for neutral factions radar blips that aren't actively hostile at you

DranKof shared this feedback 2 years ago

Every faction is not allied with every faction by default, this makes perfect sense. But since you're not at war with them either, the color should not be the same as say, the space pirates. It should be orange so that you know your guns will attack their units but they aren't proper "enemies" so they shouldn't have the same urgent color definition as actual enemies.

Especially for new players, red radar blips = enemy = probably space pirates = attack now.

This will also help solve:


As new players won't just see red and want to ram into it.

-- It just occurred to me that this should probably go into the non public test area. I guess I forgot about that because I haven't done multiplayer very much until these last few public tests. Sorry about that.

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This is a bug, caused by the player not being in a faction.

Neutral factions show up as white.