Memory limit intended for xbox affecting PC version ( Client & Dedicated Server ).

Suicide Neil shared this bug 2 years ago

As title, your programmers have implemented a limit on memory usage that was intended only ( I would hope... ) for the xbox one release where by 1/5 of the available memory was reserved for SE, anything over that amount would be flushed.

However, this change in memory usage limit was also pushed out to the PC build of the game, and as such SE is now being heavily throttled since the game can only effectively utilise 1/5 of the available RAM... which means players with 16/32/64+ GB are seeing performance gimped unnecessarily.

If you require more info, talk to W4stedSpace or Criegwarfare- there is an updated DLL available that fixes the problem; a problem that should not exist in the first place since the console version and pc version should be two separate branches!

Watch video from included timestamp for more insight:

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