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Dedicated Server Freezes when trying to open FileDialog

Alex B shared this bug 2 years ago

OS: Win 10 64bit (as VM in Hyper-V, but problem occurs on normal Win10 too), all recent Updates installed

.Net Framework is fully updated

Version: Observed on 1.194.XXX, maybe came earlier but i just recently set up a new Server

As the title says the Serverconfigurator freezes as soon as i try to open ANY FileDialog (the buttons in the red rectangle on the keen.PNG).

A small Google - Search revealed that thats some quirk of .Net (almost all entries here are exactly this problem Google Search )

It would be kind if you could look into that problem to mitigate it on your side or provide some help on how to fix it on my side (dont know if more people have that problem?), so someone looking for a solution may find one.

Thank you in advance


Files: keen.PNG

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback. I reproduced the issue and forwarded to our programmers.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind RegardsKeen Software House: QA Department


Fixedd with hotfix

Thank you


Thank you for confirmation. I'm closing this ticket.

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