Decoys don't work

ToxicBoxes shared this bug 2 years ago

Turrets fail to prioritize decoy blocks. After some testing, I have found that turrets will target the block that takes the least amount of time to rotate too, even if there is an enemy decoy elsewhere. This makes decoys effectively useless.

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I have re-tested this recently, and the issue is *mostly* fixed. Turret AI seems to have changed again ( they can only see in maybe a full hemisphere in the direction they are facing, and anything outside that is ignored ), and the while it seems under normal circumstances decoys are properly prioritized, I was able to find a weird edge case where the turret rotated 90 degrees to the right to attack a target even though it was placed directly facing a decoy.

Screenshots show the setup. Two poles with landing gears and control panels at their base, one with a decoy, the other with a reactor. The base of each pole is blocked by a block, but only the decoy and reactor are set to SPRT. The turret is only placed after the target blocks have been configured, directly facing the decoy.

First screenshot is from pausing the game immediately after the turret is placed.

Second screenshot shows the reactor being shot even while the decoy remains undamaged.