Decorative Pack II - Catwalk Stairs: No attachment point on top or bottom end

NovaEngie shared this bug 3 years ago

There is a major problem with the Catwalk Stairs in that they lack an attachment point on either the top or bottom ends of the actual stairs. This means that it is impossible to have a self-supporting stairway more than one block high. The attached screenshot is what I am trying to do, and am able to do using mods. But using your new official blocks I am unable to build that stairway more than a single block high unsupported.

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It seems so that you can use corner lights under the stairs to extend them. When turned off, they blend in perfectly! Hope this helps.


Doesn't help for the half stairs, which they also forgot the mirrored version of.


Same Issue I'm having and it is quite annoying. What I found though is that the mount points on the "grated stairs" are on the wrong ends of the block.

Here's a picture of the issue.

:Edit: forgot to attach the second pic showing the wrong mount points.


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