CPU loading on DS showing higher in game and Remote Client than on host

Tharatan shared this bug 2 years ago


I have noticed an ongoing difference between the CPU load reported both in-game and via the VRageRemoteClient compared to the CPU load reported by our dedicated server hosting provider. The attached image is a screensnip, showing a 8.37% load on the provider's control panel, while the VRageRemoteClient next to it reports a 56% load.

Is there a limitation on the CPU resources that can be accessed by the DS, or is this just misreporting by one or more locations?

We are currently trying to find the limitations of PCU that our current hosting provider will support, so having an accurate image of what the CPU load actually is will be critical in determining when we have to to throttle PCU growth to maintain performance.

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The latest update has been great for multiplayer and improved performance greatly I feel there is a lot more performance to be had. I am not sure what the reason is for this but it seems like there is so many system resources in my physical server than can be used by the DS. When the DS load states 90+ percent my actual CPU is in the 10% range with no single CPU being maxed out.

If the DS could use more of the CPU it we could host huge servers with much higher PCU limits.

Ryzen threadripper 1950x

32 GB ram


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I have seen various posts and youtube videos on this issue and I would like to understand this better. Task Manager will show the server CPU usage being very low while in game sim speed can be at .5 and CPU at 200%. I am dying to hear an explanation for this. Why does the game run so poorly if there is so much more performance left in the CPU etc. I would love a developer answer/insights to this.