Conveyor Sorter Drain Prioritizes Connected Inventories

Elor Yosnak shared this bug 2 years ago

As of last check, a conveyor sorter set to "Drain All" will drain a connected inventory into a different connected inventory, assuming that that is the ?closest? storage option. I don't honestly know why this is happening, but that's my guess. When another sorter is set up to "Drain All" directly into a (large) Large Cargo Container on this structure, all inventories except those connected seem to drain. I am nearly certain that the conveyor sorters shouldn't interfere with one another's access, as the offending sorter is attached to and pointing towards a Conveyor Junction with tubes going in two opposite directions.

I believe this is a bug. If it is not, it's incredibly frustrating.

The setup we have where this issue has occurred is a connector to a sorter to a junction, with a branch of conveyor tubes spreading out from there. a few go to the left to some connectors, with connected ships on them (mostly explorers, fighters, and other non-cargo craft). One goes to the right, to a Refinery and then to base cargo containers. There are two large cargo containers, one of which has a sorter pointing towards it on one of its sides. When the first sorter or both sorters are set to "Drain All", then as much as will fit is sucked from a cargo rover into the left side, into conveyor inventories and the occasional Cargo Rover, and only then is any of the inventory sucked into the actual cargo containers.

Thanks Very Much!

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