Conveyor Junction & Conveyor Sorter Problem

Nathaniel Stowe shared this feedback 22 months ago
Under Consideration

I was building a Conveyor system to Move Ingots from my Refinery into my assembler Automatically to keep track of resources whilst building components. Whilst still allowing me to put components from my refinery into my assembler manually so they can be disassembled.

I did this via a Conveyor Junction connected to the other conveyor Junction with a Sorter (Which is white listed with all Ingots but Uranium and with Drain All Checked) in between the two Junctions with pipes connecting the Two junctions to allow me to do so.

And it worked initially until i took some components and was about to disassemble them until the sorter freaked out and took out all the ingots out of the Assembler and put it into its own inventory. If a storage container is connected which in my case is a small storage container it will fluctuate the resources between the cargo container and the Sorter but not into the assembler.

After further testing its because when the assembler is in disassembling mode it does this but when in assembling mode it puts it back into the assembler but i want it to stay in the assembler regardless of what mode its in so I can see my resource pools and where there at whilst its collecting more from disassembling components whilst still allowing it to automatically move refined ingots into the assembler for better Resource management.

So i Was Thinking why not allow a toggle in the terminal of the sorter to Ignore the modes of the devices your sending resources to, to avoid this small nuisance.

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I Also back this idea because this along with what im saying will make Sorters much more user friendly.


Hi, Could you please make a simple blueprint so we can understand this issue clearly? Thanks