Conveyor Sorter Option for 'Sort On/Off'

Burstar shared this feedback 22 months ago

A terminal option to switch a sorters filtering on and off. When the filter is 'off' the black/non-white-listed items would be allowed through as if the block was a normal conveyor tube. Points for an additional option to enable/disable 1-way direction.

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This is actually what I initially thought the "Draw All" switch would do. After all, I might just as well simply switch off the block entirely if I didn't want it to move anything.


this would be quite useful.

you can do it in script by changing it to an empty blacklist but if you are writing scripts you don't need sorters at all.

What I would really, really, like is a direction switch, we can only dream.

imagin, blowing all your bottles into tanks then after a small delay switch direction and, bingo.. full bottles where you want them.. you have to do a lot of plumbing to do this now without script.