"Conveyor frame" grouped with large conveyor's but wont connect.

EDGE shared this bug 4 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

Wile having selected "Large conveyor's" and scrolling through the different blocks in that group, the "Large conveyor frame" doesn't seem to show up half the time. As you try to connect it to a large conveyor system it disappears from the list you scroll through.

The only way to get it selected is to specifically select the "Conveyor frame" from the group and add it to the toolbar.

Strange thing is that even though the small conveyor group doesn't even have that block you are able to use it on a small block grid instead but it wont turn up there ether, when you're scrolling through the group of "small conveyor junctions".

Ether the Conveyor frame is grouped up in the wrong group or it's simply missing as you do need one for both a small and a large grid.

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Aren't frame small grid only (as the icon in the G menu suggest)?


Hello, EDGE!

Thank you for letting us know about this. As Alexandre mentioned, I can see the frame is listed as a small grid item. As you mentioned, it is showing under the large grid items and not able to be chosen. If you then tap again to the smaller grid versions, it is also listed here. It is not, however, listed in the small conveyor junctions! I have reported the issue internally and they will make their decision of if it simply needs recategorizing or something else :)

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department