Contextual music causes lag spike every 2-3 seconds

Patrick Heney shared this bug 2 years ago

I normally have contextual music turned off. Today I turned it on and noticed the game lagging every 2-3 seconds. I tried a few different game saves, tried going to a "space" save with no planets at all. When I turned the contextual music off, the lag stopped.

I'm on the PC version. I have the regular (non-deluxe) game, plus all the DLC. I have all the current updates. The release number at the bottom right shows 1.195.021 default (in red)

I normally run with all graphic settings at the minimum, as follows:

Modal Quality: Low

Shader Quality: Low

Voxel Quality:Low

Texture Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: Low

Anti-aliasing: None

Anisotropic filtering: Off

Field of view: 60

Flares intensity: 0.1 (the minimum)

Grass draw distance: 49m (the minimum)

Grass density: 0.0 (the minimum)

tree draw distance: 500m (the minimum)

Ambient occlusion: off

Enable PostProcessing: off

Enable Damage Effects: off

I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 - Intel Core i with the following specifications:

Battery: 4Cell 80Wh Internal

Camera: IR&HD Camera w/Mic

Country/Region: USA

DIMM Memory: 64GB (32+32) DDR4 2666 SoDIMM

Display: 15.6 UHD IPS AG 500N

Display Shell: P1G2 UHD IPS 500N NT IR MC

Fingerprint Reader

Graphics: Quadro T2000 4G G5 128b

HDD Config: 2xSSD

HDD Total Capacity: 2.5TB

Keyboard: Backlit KB BK FPR ENG

OS DPK: W10 Home Advanced

Absolute BIOS Selection: BIOS Absolute Enabled

Power Adapter: 135W 2Pin BK US

Preload Language: W10 H64-ENG

Preload OS: Windows 10 Home 64

Processor: Core i9-9880H 2.3G 8C vPro MB


RAID ConfigNo

Second Storage Selection: 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe TLC OPAL

Security Chip Setting: Enabled Discrete TPM2.0

Security Software: None

Storage Selection: 512GB M.2 2280 NVMe TLC OPAL

System Unit: P1G2 i9-9880H vPro NVQ3 4G

vPro Certified Model: vPro Certified

Wireless LAN: Intel AX200 2x2AX+BT vPro WW

Also, running the game causes my computer to get too hot to touch (literally). I bought this workstation with the most powerful processor I could get, the most memory I could add, the best graphics card, the most video memory, and the highest quality display that I could put on this machine... and I run with all the graphics settings on at the lowest possible setting. Why is this game overheating my computer so badly? I have run 3d modelling tools (Maya), game design tools (Unity 3D), and development tools (Visual Studio), and it never gets this hot.

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