Constant howling from wolf in background, earthlike planet.

Gopher shared this bug 18 months ago

Very loud howling in the background on the earth planet, after a while its confusing because you don't know if there's a wolf attacking or not. Turning wolves off does not solve the problem.

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This is something that's annoyed me for ages. It was removed some time ago after I reported it, then it returned.

Please, please Keen, remove it for good!

It's out of place when playing without wolves turned on; and the sound is wrong for wolves anyway - it's more digital (from when wolves were cyberhounds). Not to mention that when you hear it every 45 seconds for an hour or more, you start to hear it even when the game isn't running.

The woodpecker is fine - he can stay, as he sounds at home. The howling however needs to go... again.


It's back again!

It disappeared (again) after the survival update but it's returned (again) in the last day or two.

PLEASE someone take it out the back and shoot it!