Constant blank sound output

Husker54 shared this bug 18 months ago

Very strange bug will try to describe as well as possible :

Once launched SE outputs a constant blank audio instead of actual in-game sound

- This only happens through my USB speakers .. once i switch to headset it produces the normal audio .. However this is not a speaker issue as they work perfectly fine and once the game closes the sound immediately goes away .. on-top of that once SE is muted in the volume mixer the sound is still created

- I assumed this was my speakers but this sound is only made once the game is active even when muted or volume changed . Since there is no audio output selector in game i believe that the game is refusing to update with windows audio device changes which is locking it to my headset but because windows has my speakers selected its taking a default blank audio wave .

That is my best guess at this . A solution would be to allow us to change out audio output device in game without relying on the OS as obviously within one of the recent updates they have became unsynced.

- Described best i can - Husker54

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Awesome thanks guys just a minor bug really would be nice to have a input output setting in the audio options