Usurpine Susanti shared this bug 3 years ago

I have a problem with connectors. On my big grid ship in space i have a small ship connected.

I cannot launch the ship, full thrusters off the ship, 2 gyros, switched off all connectors, magnetic strenghts disabled, gears switched off. I cannot launch off the connector. Its stuck like someone put glue on it.

Also i cannot zoom in while i am inside of the ship, on a 4k monitor everythink is so small and the zoomin factor with mousewheel is not good enough, so i have to get out of the ship and get in just to see more details (and yes i have not very good eyes to see very small details on a high resoultion screen, i have a hard time to read the gps coordinates).

But still i did a lot of things to launch my little ship, its stuck.

In attached file you see 2 pictures, one is the closest zoom on the little ship and sorry but i cannot see any details, i would like to zoom in closer, do not limit the zoomfactor at all. 2nd picture you see its all switched off. All connectors, all gears, magnetic disabled, full 2x thrusters up and away from the connector, gyros working. But nothing moves.

Both ships are static, not moving.

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