Character/Tool Skin Loading is now more bugged than ever

Skye Mors shared this bug 2 years ago

Upon loading a world, skins are unloaded, and stay unloaded for upwards of fifteen minutes, and even with the Skin Customizer (in-game, not Main Menu) it will refuse to load selected skins or apply them- requiring pressing the Refresh Skins button. That works, but takes more than a minute to load.

This is not the bug where Tool Skins are unequipped, though they are probably related.

In my opinion, it's the game not refreshing or attempting to check what skins are available BEFORE trying to equip them on a game load, causing them to equip the default (because the equipped skin isn't in the list of Owned skins yet). I would suggest adding a delay to Skin checking to after the interface has loaded, then another delay before skins are equipped to make sure that the equipped skins are in the loaded list of Owned skins.

(Obvious disclaimer: I'm not a game dev in any sense, but through logic this is the conclusion I came to)

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We're constantly encountering this. Player and tool/weapon skins become unloaded and the only way we've found to fix this is to enter and leave a medical bay, which seems to refresh the skin for that player.


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Yep...still happening, tools not holding the skins put on them except when first enter first game after application, change tools, get in/out of ship base etc. and reverts to default skin.

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