Character in the game to squat with a double click. HELP.

LarsTV shared this bug 12 months ago

Good day. Character in the game to squat with a double click, of the left mouse button, as if the button C was pressed, for example, if you reassign the squat to Ctrl, it still sits with a double click, if you reassign to the numeric keypad for example 5, then all the rules are not convenient to play. It is treated by reinstalling Windows and does not appear immediately, for example at the moment after 4 days.

на форуме предложенные действия не помогли, сказали мне обратится к программисту сюда.

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1.5 years it took to find the cause, and that's all the fault of the QTranslate program when you enable a mouse in the program described above occurs.

And the problem was not immediately because after you reinstall Windows QTranslate was not immediately set.

Deleted QTranslate, you can close the topic. Thank you all for the help.