Can't upload blueprint to the Steam workshop

Adyne shared this bug 3 years ago

I have a cool ship that I want to upload, but when I try to I get a "Failed to upload" report.

I assume the custom thumbnail that I have made is causing the problem.

Here is what I have already tried:

- I tried different thumbnail sizes (2.1 MB, 332 KB and ~ 650 KB through image compression)

- I tried it in .jpg and .png (Space Engineers doesn't like .jpg)

- I removed all checks under Steam cloud

- I uploaded an empty world, it worked

- I uploaded the blueprint with the normal thumbnail, worked as well

I know I could just take the standard thumbnail, but I honestly want to try out a custom thumbnail, because it looks way cooler. Also I have spend almost three days fixing this and I kinda want a result which I am happy with.

Thanks in advance.

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Solved. I don't know why, but it works now.


same problem.

the thing is:

if you got steam cloud active it will just save it in the steam cloud and not local


changing to jpeg doesnt help for me either, if i delete the thumbnail before i publish, it uploads to WS but with no thumbnail, which deletes the purpose to share on the WS, yes every thumbnail i try is below 1MB, i even tried compressing it 1kb, still get "failed to upload" error, i check game integrity files, all fine, i even reinstalled, still cant upload without failed to upload error, i have 30+ frontpage builds, so its not like im a noob to uploads to the very salty over this, and it seems im not the only one with this issue


Ran into this problem again this morning. Why is PNG being used instead of JPEG? Even at 95 quality JPEG used 1/4 the space of a PNG for the same photo.


I get the same error for the same reason. Once I remove the thumb.jpg it publishes fine, but who will take my MOD seriously without a decent thumbnail image? What a joke!

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