Cant Join Any Servers

Shane Nash shared this bug 4 months ago

I cant join any servers.

Was getting some help from Laura however I haven't heard back from her or anyone

that could help me get it working in fact.

I have tried everything that has been suggested on these forums


-port forwarding

-deleting the Space Engineers folder in Roaming and reinstalling

-allowing SE through the firewall

-defaulted the servers list under filters

When I try to connect it says waiting for server to respond

then to Server host has left the game.

I crash the server everything I try to connect according to my friend.

Please see attached log.

Much needed help!

Kind regards,


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Hello, Shane!

Sorry to hear you're still experiencing the issue. We are looking into this so don't be discouraged :) I will reply with an update in the main thread when I have one.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department