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cannot grab specific item out of inventory, game auto-scrolls to top before

John M shared this bug 2 years ago

whenever there are too many items to display on a given inventory, you cannot grab what is below a certain point, and a weird highlight outline appears

this can make it impossible to play at times, as you may not be able to pull items from the bottom to the top, in this case, I cannot for some reason disassemble the extra tools with an assembler, even though its connected, and because the item is not visible, I cannot drag it, nor will moving items around change its position

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This one is driving me nuts. I'm building a lot atm, and actually considering if I should not revert to the previous version, just because of that.


Hello, Engineers!

This issue should have been resolved with last weeks hotfix!

If it is still present, please let us know.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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