camera jumping when standing idle and when walking forward

Mark McCorkle shared this bug 3 years ago

What is happening:

For the newest playtest (1.189.033, playtest announced Feb 14th, 2019) -- when standing idle and walking in a strait line, the camera seems to slowly dip down, and then be reset by jumping back up approximately every second.

What I'd expect to happen:

Standing idle (or walking in a strait line) would be a smooth motion -- with no camera jerkiness.

How to reproduce:

Setup an offline world with the following settings:

  • offline
  • no mods
  • 30km viewing range
  • no tool shake

(save file attached).

Land on the earthlike planet.

Look at the horizon while standing still.

Watch for a slow "droop" of your camera angle, and then a sharp "jump" back up to the original camera angle.

Video of bug:

Relevant hardware setup:

  • nvidia 980 (driver
  • windows 10 (Version10.0.17763 Build 17763)
  • Intel 6700k, not overclocked
  • resolution 2560x1440, full screen

I'm happy to provide more details as needed for you guys to reproduce and resolve the behavior.

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