Bullets can fly through voxels

PÁRKÁNY shared this bug 3 years ago

For example: If a turret or small ship machine gun is shooting on the other side of the asteroid the bullets will pass through one side of the voxel, but they can't come out on the other side. If a station has a block inside an asteroid (voxel) and something is shooting on the other side the block gets damaged by the bullet that passed through one side.

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Is the turret in your example is buried in the voxel or very close to it when shooting through it? Because than it is very much understandable that the entering of the bullet into the voxel is not calculated; as there is no way to check if a line or point is inside the voxel, only to check if it's breaking trough it's barrier.


No, the turret was 500m away.

EDIT: I will try to replicate the issue and post a video or something of it.


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