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Corey Wright shared this bug 3 years ago

Since the optimization/hitbox update the sci-fi door at least has developed a thirst for blood. If you open it and try to walk through it instantly kills you and throws your lifeless corpse back at the speed of light. I've found if you crouch and walk really slow the beast won't notice you and you'll be spared a cruel death. Having avoided death and reaching your ships cockpit as soon as you disconnect the connector to whatever you're attached to the ship will sense your presence and go into a murderous fit, violently thrashing about until nothing is left. It behaves the same way as Clang when he doesn't like a rotor or piston alignment. Reverted to .195 fixed the issue for me.

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Got an example, not sure if mine is caused by my doors (which need to be ground down each time I load up in order to open or close them, or my ramp, either way, I have been having an issue with my doors.



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i have the same problem: But in addition a small ship with that door (scifi small door) has very strange behavior with massiv physics problem. Exchange that door with the normal small ship door solves the problem for the moment.

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