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[BUG REPORT] 01_199_025 - Missing armor edges on 1/4 of the ship

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

I am reporting this bug for a Steam member that does not wanted to report here and asked me to report for him.

That said, it's a armor edge problem that we can see on this specicifc ship (see Workshop link below) where the armor edges will not show on 1/4 of the ship and hard to explain so I will paste the Steam forum discussion in for you to read :

Problem with armor edges. :: Space Engineers General Discussions (

Workshop Blueprint link :

Steam Workshop::Sol Invictus (


1 - Create a new world in creative mode.

2 - Paste in the ship (linked above).

3 - Verify all ship sides so all exterior walls (skin).

4 - Noticed one side got missing armor edges.

Additional information :

it should remove or keep the edges on all sides (4/4) without having to change the inside color so same color on the block holding the slopes under those.

I was able to remove the edges but not able to add on one part only so 1/4 of the nose of the ship.

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Also if you combine light and heavy armor blocks, like if you build "stairs" with light blocks than put on 45 degree half blocks, to make it a smooth 45 degree ramp you still get visible edges from the full blocks below. Its ugly to see, also it indicates that your ship is light block underneath and only "coated" in heavy blocks which makes it look cheap. (which it is lol)


Hello, Daniel,

thanks for letting us know about this issue.

It has been successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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