[BUG REPORT] 01.194.081 - Economy - No NPC Stations on planets

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

Creating a new Star System world, I disable all NPCs form the world advanced settings so Economy and all the others, set the world Offline, Creative with no auto-save and no block limits on the very first time creating the world, loaded to add my starting station with a few small ships, saved/exited to enable "Economy", loaded in creative mode to verify and noticed there was no NPC stations on Triton and Earth like planets but 3 NPC stations spawned on the Earth Moon exploring it.


1 - Create a new Star System world, disable All NPCs, No auto-save, realistic sound, No block limits, Creative and Offline mode.

2 - Load it and paste in a starting station with a few small ships on Triton planet.

3 - Save, exit and enable "Economy" only.

4 - Load the world and explore Triton, Earth like planet and its Moon.

5 - Notice there is no NPC stations on both planets but 3 will spawn in auto exploring the Earth Moon.

Additional information : I did not tested on the other planets.

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Keen Team!

Important info :

The NPC stations spawned on Triton and Earth like planets today reloading my new created world and those were not there yesterday. 4b07932cd8af223103758f199756c857



Hello, Engineer!

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same problem here

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