*BUG* Player unable to exit cockpit after assigned ownership to another player

Alan Barnes shared this bug 3 months ago

I have a dedicated server I run for my brothers and myself to play on together. We took a larger ship we built to the moon and landed it not far from a station. While playing around on my own on the server I went to the station, did a few contracts, and bought a ship. I flew it back to our ship and landed on it and docked with the connector there for that purpose. On a whim I decided to assign the ownership of the cockpit to my brother and it immediately changed to "Access Denied" preventing any direct interactions with the cockpit. This also prevented exiting the cockpit. While the message to press F was displayed, nothing happened. As I was on the server solo at the time I had no real recourse so I just logged off while still in the cockpit. In the morning when I woke up for work I checked and I had respawned back at our base on earth-like as though I had died (only my tools in the inventory). Despite having a medical room and cryo-pods on the large ship on the moon. Normally I would have spawned at the medical room but maybe once I converted it to a ship from a station that stopped working? Anyway, someone on the steam forums who is tagged as a developer suggested I fill out a bug report as they were able to reproduce what happened to me. The link to that discussion which they said to include is here https://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/1/523897653318639486/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/1/523897653318639486/">https://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/1/523897653318639486/

Nothing really to attached other than a boring pic of the ship with the smaller ships sitting on it. But it serves our purposes as a full mobile base with pretty much everything inside and room to expand :)

Thanks. Have a good day!