Broken safezone filter settings for allow new grids and floating objests to whitelist or blacklist

Denis J shared this bug 2 years ago

The bug is that, I can't allow other grids in my sefezone. The same thing is for floating objects, only allow players and factions works well. I tried servers and my creative mode. Creative mode works well, without the bug, but on servers is it broken no matter if it is moded server with safezones mods or pure vanila. Here ↓ is few images how it looks like if i click on diferent pages in filter settings. Instead of grid list or floating objects list is appears only player list or faction list.

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I think this might be related to the same bug, but if you actually try to whitelist a faction in the grids option (third photo) the game crashes (kinda expected since the game expects a grid and not a faction).

NOTE: I'm playing in the EU test server.

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