Bouncing on grids in artificial gravity

Adyne shared this bug 4 years ago

I have an asteroid base in survival with artificial gravity, but when I try to land I just hove above the ground, doing little jumps and completly inept to land until it stops from itself.

Landing on the asteroid works fine.

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I had the same thing start happening to me yesterday. Landing from jetpack or running too fast causes the engineer to bounce until he hits voxels.


I've had the same bug even on Earth and moon, it happens on one grid (my base) but on the small mining station i have on the side, it stops. Relogging solves it but it's annoying. Hope Keen does something about that.


I'm having the same issue with my static grid on Earth. It's making the game nearly unplayable at this state, as I can't stop bouncing until I fall off of the blocks and hit dirt. My rover-style large grid is just fine and does not produce the same issue.

(Video included to demonstrate)


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