Bouncing Inventory Rows

Molly Moon shared this bug 2 years ago


Bouncing inventory makes all inventories below the bouncing container unusable.

as an example:

looking at 10 refineries. the first refinery has 6 types of ingots in the inventory but it is refining uranium the uranium is instantly being moved to a reactor, so the inventory bounces between 6 and 7 Ingot stacks, this causes the inventory to bounce between 1 and 2 rows.

if a 2nd refinery is doing the same thing, the remaining inventories jump up and down two rows every couple of seconds.

This make the inventory unusable and the inventory items are constantly moving.

The bouncing continues even if looking and the very bottom of the list and the bouncing inventory causing the issue is not even displayed.

can you disable inventory resizing for inventories that are not being displayed, this would stop subsequent inventories moving for no reason.


cause a short delay when an an inventory row becomes empty before it is removed.

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