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EDGE shared this bug 2 years ago

I've made a few separate post about this "Bug" or what ever you wanna call it, but this issue seems to affecting more blocks then I had anticipated and is presenting a bigger problem.

As a general rule in Space engineers you are not allowed to project and weld more than one grid at a time. But for some reason when projecting a rotor, piston or hinge that has had it's "head" removed it ads it when welded from a projection even though its part of a separate grid.

The problem with this is that the game creates a rule and then breaks its. If we are forced to build separate grids in order to assemble them, we need to be able to create the head on one grid and then be able to move and attach it to the other. Because the projected blueprint ads the head regardless of it ether being there or not, there is no way to attach them as there is already a head placed on one of the grids.

With pistons this is even more problematic as there is no way to attach the piston head to the piston after it has been removed.

There are some cases where you can find a "work around" but also a lot of cases where you simply can't. It's kind of mind blowing that this is still an issue this late in development as you don't need to do much engineering to figure out how important and big of a problem this really is.

From what I can gather this is what needs to be done,...

1. Let projected Rotors, Hinges and Pistons with their heads removed be possible to weld.

2. Reduce the collision box of these parts so that they don't block projected heads from being created in close proximity.

3 Make it possible for Pistons to attach to a Piston Head the same way you can with Rotors and Hinges

4. Alternatively simply remove this stupid game design rule and let people create the entire thing with out separated grids.

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This web page is not permitting me to edit the post so would like to clarify Point 1 and 2:

1. Let projected Rotors, Hinges and Pistons with their heads removed be possible to weld from a projection.

2. Reduce the collision box of all these parts so that they don't block projected heads or their counter parts from being created in close proximity. Currently you can't even start welding a rotor that's missing it's head if anything stands in front of it.


Hello, EDGE,

thanks for letting us know about this. Now we have separate issue for all of those - pistons, hinges and rotors.

Also mentioned in the bug I put into our internal system the fact with missing "Attach" action on the piston, so we will see about that.

Unfortunately, the collision boxes are set correctly and the fact that this blocks with the heads attached are "out of original grid" grid is all right and wanted. If we would change either the collision box itself, or the model of this blocks that they take only one-block-space as e.g. armor plate, it would break various players models, blueprints, bases, ships...

Hope you understand about the last part.

Still thanks for pointing out the problems with the head removed and projected.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


This shitt is a bit hard to explain and might be difficult to understand so stay with me here. Man this game is becoming a fulltime job,...

I agree and understand for the most part and happy you understod, but I'm not convinced that adjusting the "collisionbox-creation-boundaries" to better fit the actual size of the blocks would explode anything and I will explain why. Also I might have been unclear on explaining exactly what I'm asking regarding this, so Ill try to elaborate.

The collision box of the rotor when you want to create it is different from the actual collision box after its been created. I've tried to illustrate this in one of the pictures and their picture titles. Take a moment to look at them before proceeding.

When your projecting or creating a rotor, it creates a boundary that is a lot bigger than the actual collision box of the rotor and it's head. After it's been created they actually become two collision boxes that overlap one and other. This means that not only does the collision box change but it's overlapping and making a collision exception so that the "rotor head" can get close enough to be connected to the "rotor engine".

Also the rotor when you create it now, is automatically with a "rotor head" connected to it, The rotor with it's head connected slightly passes the length of one block. But if you remove the rotor head the rotor engine part shouldn't and doesn't need to be the length of two blocks anymore in order to avoid collisions. Not only does it make it harder to assemble and connect to a "rotor head" from a separate grid, under the initial assembly but It's completely preventing the block from ever being recreated and reattached if it's damaged. If adding a rotor ,hinge or piston becomes a block that you can't repair on a ship and re-connect to the sub grid, if it gets destroyed will nock that entire sub grid out and becomes a liability on any design. It's promoting that they not be used at all.

The same problems are also present in both hinges and pistons as there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding about how big the "collisionbox-creation-boundaries" needs to be. When creating these blocks you dont need to have a collision boundaries that exceed the length of the piston just because you might or might not, move it that far, As soon as you add anything to the tip of the piston you have already created something that might collide with other blocks anyway and if you decided to build in that space you're never going to be able to place it back after it gets destroyed. The same holds true for hinges. Just because you can turn it 90 degrees does not mean that you plan to, and if you didn't and need it in a tight place you're out of luck. There's are in some cases a work around for this but it's a frustrating way of building and I wont go in to the detail of that before rotors are understod as it forms the base of understanding the rest.

Therefore, to be more specific,.. What I'm asking is not to change the collision box of the rotor heads but the exaggerated "collisionbox-creation-boundaries" of the rotor engine part when it's being projected and welded in to existence. The rotor head should also not be possible to build from the same projection because you're creating a sub grid with no way of connecting and continuing the projection from that.

Also the "collisionbox-creation-boundaries" of a "Rotor engine part" that no longer has it's head attached does not need to be larger than one block because it's not large than that with out the head.

In addition,.. If the blocks are allowed to overlap after they are created they need to also be permitted to be projected and recreated wile still overlapping, to not be prevented from getting repaired and recreated after it's been destroyed on a build. As they are in fact permitted to overlap, they should not and will not create an explosion.

To illustrate I've also added a simple build with rotors that does not allow you to repair them and be reconnected after they have been destroyed. In the save simply destroy one of the rotors and try to repair it by welding it from the projected blueprint.

To me this is one of the many seriously game breaking problems that's currently present in the game because it's preventing a large number of "engineering" ideas come alive. So really hope I was able to explain this to the point that it gets understod as these details are really important in trying to fix some of the issues with these blocks. I've really given it my best in trying to get the point across as explaining this with out the possibility of a direct and two way communication wile showing it at the same time is incredibly time consuming and difficult.


Hello, EDGE,

big thanks for the extensive explanation, for screens and most for the save! That was great help, as seeing the problem is always better than trying to understand it from text :)

So now, even this one issue is reported internally.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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