Blueprint files - old block data overriding latest data

CptSavarus shared this bug 19 months ago

Hi team!

Just had a report on one of my newer workshop blueprints about certain blocks being replaced by different ones when the BP is pasted into a world. The report specifically concerned 3 small grid button panels which the game had for some reason replaced with sloped armour blocks.

I loaded the BP for myself to see if I could replicate but no. The button panels were there, just as they were supposed to be.

After a bit of head-scratching I think I've isolated a bug with blueprints that I'm seeing reported by several people on the Steam forums.

Previous to publishing this particular blueprint (while the build was WIP), there were indeed sloped armour blocks where the button panels now are. Those blocks however have since been removed and the BP saved several times.

I myself experienced a simlar bug with a different blueprint where the cockpit hotbar had re-arranged itself & reverted back to how it had been in a previously saved version of the BP.

The similarity between the bug I experienced and the one that was reported to me suggests that out-of-date block data is being archived in the blueprint .sbc file and somehow, since the Survival overhaul update, the game is reading this old data instead of (or after) the latest data.

The result being an unpredictable chance of random blocks & settings on a spawned BP reverting back to how they were at some point in the past.

For your reference, the build I received the report about is this one (the report can be read in the comments)...

And the build I myself experienced the similar bug with is this one...

Confirmed in SP / Offline Creative mode.

Untested in Survival mode / MP

Tested in brand new worlds (created after the Survival overhaul) Game version 1.189.040

Steps to replicate:

Paste a local or workshop blueprint = random chance that some blocks will be replaced by blocks that *used* to be present in the BP at some point in time.

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It does not appear that the issue happens often, as I went through most of my saved blueprints with no effect, or at least none that could be noticed, aside from what I experienced with Savarus's build. Mods do not seem to affect the bug, as the result was the same using the same blueprint, in an empty world with mods, and in one without.


Attaching the screenshot @InvolvedSpark linked me. This is how the build looked to him when he pasted it into his world.

The build was however not even published on the workshop yet when it looked like that and I made many more changes to it before publishing that don't appear to be present. The screenshots on the workshop page are how it looked when I published it.

I've made one update to the workshop file since originally publishing but the update was to a different part of the build (see change notes for details of what was altered)

Loading it into my own worlds, both my local copy and my workshop copy look exactly as is shown on the workshop page (other than the changes in that one update.)


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