[1.191.023] Block Groups transfering to different gird after unmerge

Nick F. shared this bug 4 years ago

As of 1.191.023

I encountered an odd bug after testing out a new ship I built, specifically when docking with a larger grid via a merge block and connector. I merged the smaller ship to the large ship and locked the connector, but after unmerging and unlocking the connector all the groups disappeared from the small ship and are now on the large ship. I attached a world to demonstrate.

To Reproduce:

1. Merge the Runabout to the larger ship via the docking face

2. Unmerge

3. Lock the Runabout's connector to the large ship's

4. Unlock the connector

All the groups from the Runabout should now be transferred to the large ship

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Hello, Engineer!

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Seen this also, it's an annoying bug when you have groups for each ship to manage say the batteries.

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