Block Collision offset/desync on large grids

Erwin Heyms shared this bug 4 years ago

Hello Keen,

I want to report a bug that appears to trigger on large grids in version 1.189 (no mods)

Video demonstration of glitch:

The bug appears to trigger only on large complex grids and does not affect separated smaller grids.

It causes an offset in the blocks collision, where the visual and collision elements are out of sync.

The camera collision is unaffected, but the desync can cause the player to phase into objects causing glitching/spazzing behavior.

Furthermore and important:

The offset between block collision and its visual counterpart is progressive.

Meaning that it starts in sync when the world is loaded from a save but gets worse over time as the player travels around or perhaps walks on these large grids for a certain distance/time. I can generally get the blocks to desync within about 15-30 minutes of play.

Moving around a lot seems to make the bug get worse faster.

If a grid is cut from the large grid exhibiting the glitch, it will no longer exhibit the glitch. Indicating that the bug may be related to the size of the grid. A grid with a Large bounding box may have collision calculation precision loss, or perhaps the complexity of the grid could be the cause due to its block count. My base in the link below is easily 100-150 blocks in diameter and has 16000 blocks.

At a certain point the offset will cause the player to clip through blocks in 1 direction and be unable to approach blocks in the other direction. catwalks with barriers on either side are a good test case. As the desync gets worse, diagonal ramps will become un-climbable and the camera will glitch into walls when walking into them.

See the video I linked down below for more detail.

World upload:

I created another bug report for this issue but I can not edit it, please consider this bug report the updated version. you can ignore/close the old report.

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good explanation and he is behind something that's an issue for a long time already.

I'm seeing a massive exploit potential on servers for getting through enemy grids without them beeing able to do something against!


I want to second that, but if anything it didnt happrn on my save before the patch, and now its making it hard to play in my moon base for more than 15 minutes without reloading. I could maybe bypass it by segmenting my base but i shouldn't t have to.


Hello, Engineer!

Thank you very much for making such a nice report!! I really appreciate this!

Desync issues were reproduce and forwarded to our programmers.

Thank you very much again and please be patient.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Yeah i have the same issue. I got some issues more like wheels and My self go more and more in the block i stand on. Yesterday i was to the chest of my char in the block. and we got issues like only wheels and subgrids of vehicles are loaded.

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