Big Prefeab ship buy from NPC go slow down when small light grid is connected

Full Name shared this bug 9 months ago

Server UK#2 or #5 ? im not sure, On Earth, I buy 20Mil SC big grid ship with name TT- ..some, cca 2100 PCU, hydro and atmo. Connector only in forward. Blue - White combination.

Then, I connect mine small grid atmo ship ( cca 54 ton ? ) in forward via Connectors. and press P to connect.

Atmo thrust in small grid OFF, and Dampers OFF ( only in small grid ).

And then, BUG is comming :-) , all is going very slow down and land. I try All, still happens.

And this TT- ... ship with connected small grid, fly very weak, like Potato Bus, roll or pitch very unbalanced, no thrust power for normal fly in atmo, it is like fly with big unbalanced cow or what ( on Earth I OFF hydrogen engine ).

Sometimes, I try walking in forward moving ship ( turned OFF back thrust ), and sometimes after press F from cockpit position, it spawned me before glass, out of ship :-D

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