[Beta Test] Possible to cook to death standing on ice

Burstar shared this bug 21 months ago
Need More Information

Steps to reproduce:

Enter a hot environment.

Use voxel hands to place ice lake.

Disable admin/creative tools

discharge all suit power

stand on Ice Lake

Watch in disbelief as your avatar overheats

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Hello, Engineer!

Could you please provide us with more information regarding the issue you reported including a save of your world? Do you use any mods? To report a bug into our system it is necessary to have reliable steps to reproduce in order for programmers to fix it.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Steps to reproduce:

Load SE version 1.189.020

Create a Start System World set to Survival and voxel hands enabled

Enable creative tools and go to planet center.

Use Voxel hands to hollow out an area and coat this area in ice.

Teleport to this area with avatar

Disable creative tools/invulnerability

Note the 'Inferno' temperature reading.

Raise visor (I don't think this matters)

Wait until suit power reaches zero.

Observe your avatar cook to death while bathed in ice.