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Battery power drain bug

Guest shared this bug 12 months ago

Battery drain bug.

Connected Large grid to station with lots of Wind turbines (no matter how many),

and one of 4 battery on connected Ship still power drain, full rebuild this battery not help, changing with new one, not help. In fly, in park, this battery must be on auto like others, but only this one, is permanent drain. No matter power IN is bigger than power OUT.

See *.MOV video in attachement.

On MP Server Keen XBOX EU #1 like PC player.

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On next day (in real world) I connect in to server, and battery works correct.

Maybe, bad restarted server before, or bad loaded game, too many players with some hardcore grids ?


Hello, Full Name,

that´s great to hear that it was most likely just some one time mishap!

Will close this thread as it is solved and there is nothing to be done from our side.

If this problem will occur again and will continue to occur across more play sessions, please open new thread with providing all the necessary information.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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