Autoreconnect when shutting down Server leads to false reconnect

kill2die shared this bug 4 years ago

Hey there,

when I stop my Testserver, my Client gets correctly kicked on shutdown, but he will get reconnected to the Server i visited BEFORE going to my Testserver.

Don't think this should happen.

Quickly reproducable by joining a public hosted server, then going into a testmachine / different server where you have control of , shutting it down, your client will reconnect to the public hosted server for some reason.

Greets Michael

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

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We really appreciate your patience.

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This still seems to a problem!

Problem: I joined a public server, was downloading mods and while it took too long to download (due to this issue: , the auto reconnect connected me to the server I visited before...

so probably the "last-server-visited" variable just gets changed when you successfully/clean disconnect from a server instead of just being successful connected to a server.

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