Autopilot gets stuck cycling Waypoints several times per second

unknown engineer shared this bug 3 years ago

This has been around for months but isn't mentioned here in the new support site so for the sake of completeness:

Sometimes the autopilot refuses to pilot a ship and gets stuck cycling its waypoints several times a second when viewed through the terminal. Turning it off/on doesn't help, nor does removing or adding other waypoints. The only workaround that sometimes fixes it is cut & paste the ship in question.

We've encountered this on a dedicated server. No idea if it is also present in Singleplayer.

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Can confirm that the bug is present on single player :/


I've seen this bug too if I understand correctly. For me when it's when heading to a new waypoint in space the autopilot stops and doesn't move. When viewing in the control panel it appears to be cycling between the current and next waypoint rapidly. Seems to happen with precision both on and off. Turning autopilot off, thrusting forward, and re-engaging autopilot seems to get things going again.

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